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SORTD is a DIY mobile development framework that helps you design & develop the mobile ecosystem for your content websites. Built on the most advanced infrastructure & technology stack, SORTD creates mobile beautiful & feature-rich PWA & AMP.

Many factors lead to a low score on Page Speed Insights. It could be due to non-optimised images or javascript or a poorly configured server. To get deep insights into the opportunities to improve the website score, please contact us, adlabs@rwadx.com. Our intelligent diagnostic tools will help you to identify these & implement these improvements.

Core-web vitals are an important factor for your website pages to rank on Google. PWA is a framework focused on creating a mobile web solution that is fully optimised on the various parameters on which mobile browsers operate. Having a great PWA gives an edge over legacy desktop sites, often presenting an overhead to optimise mobile.

Though AMP is not a primary requirement to get featured in the Top new carousel in Google News, it certainly enhances user experience. When your website offers a great user experience via AMP, you can maximise your chances of getting featured in the Top news carousel.

SORTD provides complete control of designing & implementing AMP & PWA for your website. The Sortd. plugin is designed to assist you in creating your mobile websites that are fast, reliable and technologically advanced. This plugin gives you complete control over all aspects of managing PWA & AMP.
With SORTD, Publishers can create striking progressive web apps that are SEO-friendly and powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


There is no direct evidence that CMS play any role in the performance. However, the configuration, quality of code & the best practices used to develop & design a webpage make an impact on the version.

It is possible to defer & delay the loading of the js components of the ads so that there is minimum impact on the core web vitals of the webpage.